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Split Testing – It’s More Then Just Headlines
July 26, 2015

One of the most popular terms you will hear in the online marketing world is “Split testing” however very few ever go into detail on what exactly to split test and most will only tell you to change you headlines. But there is far, FAR more you can split test to increase your conversion rates and improve the sales you are generating.

The main goal with any split testing is to take the same amount of traffic but to convert it better to generate more sales.

This could be split testing…

1 step or 2 step optins
Headline text
Added features such as hello bars
The order of your entire funnel
Offer directly after optin or later

The list goes on and honestly never stops as new methods are tested all the time. However the only way you are going to know if it is working or not is if you are testing it and split testing the traffic flowing to it.

What program provides you all of this with no programming knowledge or even design skills?

Click Funnel!

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