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Jan 2012

It’s here it’s finally here…

Now Google analytics allows you to track visitors to your site live. This function is currently in beta but for most of you with existing accounts you should have a new look when you login to your back office. Inside your back office you will still see your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports however there is a new beta for live tracking. (No extra code is needed)

These new stats can be a bit tricky to find so here are the steps you currently need to take in order to find the new beta tools.

1. Login to you Google Analytics account
2. You might see the new changes right away however if you do not there will be a new version and old version link at the top of the page. Make sure your on the new version
3. Open the website you are tracking into your standard report
4. Click on the Home tab for the reports
5. New menu on the left will show Real Time Beta overview

Google Analytics Live Overview

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