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August 3, 2011

When creating any kind of content on the web the only way to really drive targeted traffic to it is via search engines. Millions of searches are performed every day and tapping into this targeted traffic flow is easier said then done. The most common issue is not getting your newly written content indexed. But here are a few tips to get you indexed and ranking for the keywords you want.

When creating your content make sure you do some keyword research and find a keyword that deals with your content. Place this keyword within the title of your post and also within the content itself. Simply adding this content in will not get you indexed any faster however it will help you get indexed for the right keywords.

After your post has been been published you need to do a few things to get indexed. Visit a site called and then add in your sites content and RSS feed. This will instantly alert over 300 sites that content on your site has been updated and to come check it out. The next time the search engines and other sites send out spiders to crawl content they now have a notice to visit yours and to crawl it and index it. This simple act will get your sites indexed within a day and also help slightly with getting your site ranked.

Getting your site ranked is a harder task that takes more time via backlinking. However one of the top programs I would recommend for this is a system called Rank Builder 2 A solid investment to make.

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