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EmailXProfits Goes Live
February 1, 2016


It has been a bit since I last wrote a blog post sorry! But a good amount of time and energy was being pored into my first launch of this year called EmailXProfits.

EmailXProfits is not only a viral mailer/safelist/email exchange but it is also a training system which I will continue to develop this year.

The training goes over everything from the core basics to building our your very own funnel and selling your own product or service.

So what exactly is a viral mailer/safelist/email exchange?

Simply put it is a free to join site in which you read other members and advertisers email ads and earn credits. These credits are they used to either send out your own email ads or to run banner and text ads on the site.

Also you are not required to read the email ads if you wish you can buy credits and solo ads to promote to the members of EmailXProfits.

Simple right?

The most common question I get is “What are the best products and services I should promote to this group?

The offers that seem to convert the best are lower ticket priced items $5- $14 front end offers or free information for joining your mailing list.

The cores are Traffic Generation, Making Money online, MLM, List Building and other like related topics will do the best when promoting to this list.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and jump in and start learning the viral mailer industry we are about to change it forever!

Join EmailXProfits

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