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The Twitter Boomshell – No More Share Count
November 25, 2015
You might be seeing a recent change on the blog via share counts taking a bit of a hit. My blog used to see 100 + shares on twitter when doing a new blog post (and still does) however Twitter released a serious bombshell just recently in their blog post Hard Decisions For A Sustainable […]
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A Better Way To Tweet
June 12, 2015
A Better Way To Tweet
While twitter has millions of users from all over the world the biggest issue with it has been trying to understand how to market and promote effectively on it. Lets face it people on twitter are being bombarded with content from all of their followers and people they follow so sticking out can be a […]
Using Tweet Reach to Measure ROI
May 9, 2011
Twitter continues to be a very popular social network. Many blogs have retweet buttons which help increase the exposure of their site across the network. What I always wondered was what the impact of my tweet was when I send it out. After some searching I ran into a website called which allows you […]
Manage Twitter With TweetDeck
January 28, 2010
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When I first started using twitter my first question was how would I make sense of all of this information coming at me. After your list starts to grow in the hundreds or let alone thousands it becomes very difficult to keep track of who is tweeting about you and trying to stay connected with them. […]
How to get more twitter followers
January 14, 2010
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The most popular question I get is… How can I get more twitter followers? There are a number of ways to do this depending on what strategy or strategies you want to use. There are numerous websites and software programs that also claim to get you more followers quickly. In this post I will go […]