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The Twitter Boomshell – No More Share Count
November 25, 2015
You might be seeing a recent change on the blog via share counts taking a bit of a hit. My blog used to see 100 + shares on twitter when doing a new blog post (and still does) however Twitter released a serious bombshell just recently in their blog post Hard Decisions For A Sustainable […]
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Increase Website Traffic Generation Guide
November 24, 2015
While the last few blog posts I did went over how to optimize your exist traffic at some point you will need to increase your website traffic generation and this guide will go over a number of ways to do so. Increasing your website traffic via generation methods is broken down into 3 cores. Free […]
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3 Tips To Increase Customer Loyalty
November 17, 2015
In the era we live in today with social networks, tweets, and a higher interaction with a company custom loyalty no longer comes in just what you offer as a product but now also what is offered on the back end of support. I will be going over 3 of the top key elements that should […]
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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Own Business
November 6, 2015
Those of us looking to live the dream of working from home lay in bed at night thinking of all the amazing things you could do if you could just make enough money working from home. While it is possible and I am now living that dream there are a few things I wish I […]
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Crafting an Autoresponder Follow up Series
November 2, 2015
When it comes to email marketing one of the most common questions is how to setup your follow up series for your autoresponder such as AWeber. The Blog Method First things first, if you are already running a blog like I am here, then you pretty much already have your follow up auto responder series. […]
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Click Funnels Introduces Backpack Affiliate Program
October 27, 2015
When it comes to making money online one of the best ways is to take your own experiences and unique skill sets and create a product around it. While this part can be a challenge at first once you have a plan of action for the type of product you want to build the content […]
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Unique Ideas For Traffic Sources
October 15, 2015
Over my 15 years total online so far there have been many new, improved and old burnt out methods of driving traffic. But just like old fashions some times they come back with a flare! Every month I spend a good amount of money buying up ads to send to my sites including my blog. […]
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The Guide To Maintaining Your Email List
October 10, 2015
So you now started to build your email list as you have heard time and time again the money is in the list. However this is where the hard part comes in! Maintaining your email list. This is the part many information products leave out. Of course it is rather easy to get subscribers to your […]
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7 Key Steps To Blogging Success
October 2, 2015
Many people love the idea of blogging however many fall short of ever sticking to it let along making any money from their blog. This is why I wanted to create this post today and show you what I believe are the 7 key steps to creating a successful blog. The Core – When you first […]
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Creating Better Optin Rates
September 30, 2015
Building an online business or creating a substantial income online starts with building one of your most important assets. That assets being your subscriber list. In this post I will go over a number of tips which have proven to increase conversion rates and also increase the quality of the leads generated for my business. […]