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Archive for the ‘General’ Category

We All Start From Little

Everything in life starts with a little something and thru energy, learning and building daily it grows into what you have now. This is the same thing when it comes to making money online and is often one people forget. So many programs out there continue to offer riches quickly but I will be completely honest with [...]

How I Created My Own Android App In 8 Minutes

With more and more people using Android devices such as Phones, Tablets and even mini laptops such as chrome books it was a no brainier that it was time for me to start getting into creating apps. Take it from me I am no programmer and I didn’t want to pay someone a ton of money or try to [...]

Do You Have The Entrepreneur Mindset?

It takes a unique person to have the correct mindset to be a true entrepreneur. There is a big difference between being an entrepreneur and being self employed. Over 70% of small business owners today are nothing more then self employed meaning they work for themselves but could not step away from their business and have it continue to [...]

Profiting from Fiverr

Fiverr is a site designed to have buyers and sellers come together where the seller offers a service of what they would do for five dollars. This ranges from cool intro videos, testimonials, graphics work, programing fixes, writing a message in the sand or just about anything your creative mind can think of. There are [...]

How To Create A QR Code

QR codes are all the rage now a days. It’s a simple block like image that when scanned with a smart phone camera will take you to a web site. You can do some pretty creative things with this popular QR code such as giving away a special bonus and creating mystery to get more [...]

Planning for success in 2011

When it comes to the new year many people set some goals for themselves to accomplish for that year. One of the most popular is to make more money or live a better lifestyle without having to worry about money. You can accomplish both of these but only by having a clear course of action. Where many [...]

The 2010 Highlights

It has been one great year for this blog. Thank you to all who have read it and commented. I hope you have found a lot of great and useful information to help drive your business this year and into the next. I have much in store for this site beginning next year starting in [...]

I need your input

This is just a quick post I know it has been some time since I haven written anything here but working on a number of new sites due on in October – November. Will have a bit more time to write and study so heres what I would like… I would love to hear from [...]