Affiliate Marketing
Are You Promoting Your Own Undoing?
May 15, 2012

Much like the saying “You are what you eat” the same applies to affiliate marketing, “You are what you promote”. When building your list and recommending products or services to them, people associate you with that product since you are the one that told them about it. If the product ends up being bad the person you recommended it to is going to think twice about what your recommending next time. However if the product ends up being helpful that customer is going to jump on the next product you recommend.

As an affiliate marketing you need to make sure you test and use a product or service yourself first before you recommend it to your list. By recommending only the best to your list you build a strong loyalty and repeat customers that are eager to see what you have to say. Even if the product is only ok or good you can still promote it to your list, however be honest about your review. If it has bad sections in it point them out and if it has good sections then point those out as well.

How do you become an better affiliate marketer?

It’s quite simple, if you wouldn’t use it yourself then don’t recommend it. Everyone has their own area of expertise and those who joined your list are curious to learn about what has worked for you and not what has worked for someone else. By recommending and teaching your own ways to success you¬†separate¬†yourself from the herd and attract more customers and readers.


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