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Split Testing – It’s More Then Just Headlines
July 26, 2015
One of the most popular terms you will hear in the online marketing world is “Split testing” however very few ever go into detail on what exactly to split test and most will only tell you to change you headlines. But there is far, FAR more you can split test to increase your conversion rates […]
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TE Profits Partnership
July 21, 2015
TEProfits has been around for years and is owned by Scott Douglas. Over the last few months we talked and decided with his marketing skills and mine put together we could take TEProfits to the next level. These changes have begun to take place already and center around my core Traffic Exchange I have been […]
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A Better Way To Tweet
June 12, 2015
A Better Way To Tweet
While twitter has millions of users from all over the world the biggest issue with it has been trying to understand how to market and promote effectively on it. Lets face it people on twitter are being bombarded with content from all of their followers and people they follow so sticking out can be a […]
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Marketing With Google Alerts
March 3, 2015
Google Alerts has become one of the most powerful building blocks for my business over the last few months. It does take a bit of┬átime and effort just like any strategy, but by knowing how to effectively use it and set up quickly will yield amazing results. The first thing you need to do is […]
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Aspire To Freedom
January 16, 2015
Did you know in each and everyone of us there is the power to aspire to freedom? Freedom from what you might ask… What about the freedom of being able to retire and only work if you choose to. How much better would you feel about going into work, helping others and more when you […]
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WordPress Settings and Plugins for 2015
January 7, 2015
When it comes to WordPress the amount of plugins and custom features you can do with it can be overwhelming. Each year I like to review what plugins I use and see what basic settings I have changed to further help my blog grow. Basic settings for your WordPress Blog… One of the most important […]
Planning For Your 2015
January 3, 2015
A new year is here and if your anything like me you put forth some rather large goals to accomplish. Be it to lose weigh, make more money, find love or whatever it might be without a plan you can pretty well kiss those 2015 goals goodbye! It’s shocking how many people in business to […]
A Leaders Average Day
December 15, 2014
What can I say I love info graphics and when I saw this one I wanted to share it with all of my readers so enjoy!
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Keeping Track Of Your Customers
December 6, 2014
When running a business online it’s important to know your income and where your customers area. However finding this data is pain stacking and could even cost your thousands of dollars to either hire someone or have it programmed into your current sites. That is until now! Recently GoDaddy picked up a site called Outright […]
Is TSU The New Facebook?
October 30, 2014
Over my 10 years of working online there have been a number of social networks that have come and then gone. Many remember me from way back in the days of Yuwie a social network that payed you based on interactions, positing and inviting others to the network. My network had over 100,000 at the […]