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Jan 2015

Aspire To Freedom

     Article by Sean Supplee

Did you know in each and everyone of us there is the power to aspire to freedom? Freedom from what you might ask…

What about the freedom of being able to retire and only work if you choose to. How much better would you feel about going into work, helping others and more when you knew yourself you where already set up for a worry free retirement.

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Jan 2015

When it comes to WordPress the amount of plugins and custom features you can do with it can be overwhelming. Each year I like to review what plugins I use and see what basic settings I have changed to further help my blog grow.

Basic settings for your WordPress Blog…

One of the most important things I think for setting up your blog are making your links SEO friendly to help search engines know exactly what your content is and to make it more appealing to searchers.

 Within WordPress on the left hand menu is a section called settings. On here is a setting for Permalinks. By selecting Post name you effectively turn your link from some ugly counted number to the title of your blog post further helping with SEO and targeting your keywords. It is one of the most simple yet powerful tools WordPress offers but few know how to set it up.

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Jan 2015

Planning For Your 2015

     Article by Sean Supplee

A new year is here and if your anything like me you put forth some rather large goals to accomplish. Be it to lose weigh, make more money, find love or whatever it might be without a plan you can pretty well kiss those 2015 goals goodbye! It’s shocking how many people in business to together goals but then never build out a blueprint or plan in order to reach those goals. So this weekend I want you to sit there write out what you want to accomplish whatever it might be and figure out smaller goals you can accomplish to reach that goal. (Trust me you’ll thank me later)

This year I have set forth a number of goals (not all I care to share) but the ones I do I will share with you below and have to deal with my online business.

1 – Dedicated programmer for (social network for marketers and pretty much a self hub of powerful tools to help grow your business)

2 – 7 sites/projects to be taken on each with unique features and in different niches this will be a rather robust push this year in terms of new assets and benefits for my members.

3 – Add in over 300,000 new optin subscribers

What online goals do you have for this year and what are you plans towards achieving them?

Dec 2014

A Leaders Average Day

     Article by Sean Supplee

What can I say I love info graphics and when I saw this one I wanted to share it with all of my readers so enjoy!

Dec 2014

When running a business online it’s important to know your income and where your customers area. However finding this data is pain stacking and could even cost your thousands of dollars to either hire someone or have it programmed into your current sites.

That is until now!

Recently GoDaddy picked up a site called Outright

This site gives you an easy break down of all of your Paypal transactions showing you clearly where your income is coming from, who your repeat customers are, new customers your expenses and more. All key and important information when growing your online business and income. Best of all it only comes with a small price tag of about $100 a year! Sites like this provide powerful insight into what is working to build your business.

Over the next few days I will be reviewing a few sites have have helped my business thrive this year in 2014 and provide you with in depth information on what they accomplish and what they can do help organize and grow your business in 2015. I want you all to become madly profitable this coming year and really get out there and start building your dreams.

Oct 2014

Is TSU The New Facebook?

     Article by Sean Supplee

Over my 10 years of working online there have been a number of social networks that have come and then gone. Many remember me from way back in the days of Yuwie a social network that payed you based on interactions, positing and inviting others to the network. My network had over 100,000 at the time and then FLOP.

However one thing I learned from this over the years is that it never hurts to be at the front of any new launch or site. Being the first to know always gives you an advantage and here I am inviting you into the forefront of what is looking to be a promising social network that gives you 90% of the ad revenue your content produces.

Click Here To Join TSU Social Network Free 

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Oct 2014

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get hands on with the beta of the Click Funnels system and first impressions where awesome. After spending months building, tweaking, creating, driving traffic and just all around messing with the program day after day I now have the ability to create unique, powerful and beautiful looking funnels.

What kind of funnels can you create with Click Funnels ?

Honestly the limits are endless and the platform is crazy flexible to do just about anything and everything you want it to. At first glance you will see all the different types of funnels they offer that pre-organize your pages for you to help you build a funnel. They are… Optin Lead Capture funnels, Read more »

Sep 2014

Do Most People Get It?

     Article by Sean Supplee

Over the last few months helping people build their business to the next level one thing has continued to come up. I wanted to share this with you because I have a strong feeling that most people online keep running into brick walls and just don’t get it. It’s honestly not your fault either with so much mix information out there and promises of riches for doing nothing it’s often hard to see the overall picture and what you need to be doing to make money online.

Now this tactic goes for just about any business online or offline so here is the quick 101 version of what you should be doing. I wrote a more detailed report you can grab by clicking here. Read more »

Aug 2014

Everyone is always talking about how the money is in the list. While this is true, since that statement was made many things have changed. The biggest of these changes being social networks and blogging. While you can use both of these platforms for building your email optin list what you might not have released is your followers and your blog readers are also part of your “list”.

Over the last few years social marketing via my fanpage found here at Sean Supplee’s fan page and my blog Read more »

Jun 2014

Recently I launched a site called Rapid Downline which is my own version and custom built algorithm designed to show members of it where the best converting and sales generating traffic sources are. Each week the report runs and based on point values for various tasks such as unique views, conversions (sign ups or opt ins) and sales a dollar value of total amount of sales generated from that traffic source.

Rapid downline currently goes over the top 20 Traffic exchanges and viral mailers and will be in a beta phase till July. Read more »